Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cross Culture Moment..

Yesterday afternoon I was together with two of my good friends here.
My dear friend Anita and her family have finally moved into a new home. They were to be in last April... that's 9 months late according to their contract. Go figure! Anyway... we've been praying and waiting for this to come about for a long time.

So we're commenting on the neighbourhood - it's a nice development - cobblestone streets, they're to be putting in a little green space for the kids and there are street lights.

Val's question... 'Do they work?'
Anita's excited response...'They do!"

This little exchange completely caught my funny bone. Here we are, all expat women - 2 Canadians and S.African - and we're wondering if the street lights work - a COMPLETELY normal and legit question for Kigali... but so not a normal question for where we come from.

We had a great laugh over how only in Kigali could this be a serious / normal question...

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