Monday, 21 November 2011

NO Repeat on this Monday!!

It's 9:21 pm and the house is quiet almost... Beni seems to think his foot hurts.
At this point, I'm not too concerned nor do I have the energy to spend on it.

Serge has just got home from Bible study - it was good - and now it's supper for him.

Okay... just so you know it's been a day and I'm venting!!

This morning started at 5:40am... like it does each morning Prince goes to school. Yes, he's to be on summer vacation but he needed to go back for summer school. That's okay with me, but it just means I get up earlier than I want when it's supposed to be 'vacation' time!
The Beni and Isabella at 6:30 am... and the day rolls from there.

It's Monday - start of a new week and I was ready for it.
Serge graduated on Friday evening so this was to be MY week to get stuff done. The stuff that I've been putting off for the last three months in order to stay sane.

Well... breakfast no problem. First load of laundry - no problem.
But then the problems start... and LAST ALL DAY!!!

I decided to start with a quick scan of email and catch up with what I can. Internet is NOT happening. Nor is texting, and phone calls are a hit and miss. Annoying at first as I just thought it was temporary... but no... lasts till tonight. (Speed seems extra fast tonight... or maybe that's just because we had none all day!)

I need to do finances... seriously!!! My computer has a battery that doesn't keep a charge - hence I need to be plugged into electricity. Well.. electricity was on an off I don't know how many times. I just know that if I had a dollar for every time it went off today, I'd be rich! 

My laundry... well, as I said, first load was no problem. Second load finished at 6:30pm!!! After EIGHT... yes, EIGHT attempts to wash it. Guess it should be clean. Sure hope tomorrow is a better day for wash!

And need I mention the kids... hyper, screaming, whining... the works. 

Somewhere in the midst of my day, I did manage to get a text to Serge saying that I 'needed to go far, far away...'
He came home and I completely melted down with him... you know, the ugly cry.

Took me to about 2:30 pm to 'abandon' my day. Why it took me so long, I'm not sure... thinking it's the Lichty stubbornness or something. 

In my abandonment - I decided to write Christmas Cards!
Sure hope that what I wrote is 'nice'!

Praying for a better Tuesday.
Good Night!

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