Thursday, 5 August 2010

Plans are submitted and the House is almost finished!

Serge was out in Nyamirama again the other day and FINALLY dropped the master plans for the Nyamirama Training Centre. A very momentous day for us. It's been a long time coming. Now we wait to see if they are approved. The initial reaction was very positive... but we wait.

He also got some updated pictures on Veronic's house. It's coming... slowly but surely.

Life has been busy there... it's election campaign time and the president is using our land to hold a rally... TOMORROW!! So, lots of work to get it ready, not that we had to do lots but we did have to tear down the office / storage place we had built on the land. Definitely a bit of an ARG!! but that is life in Rwanda. Serge is just hoping and praying that they don't ruin the fence.

God thing... Serge met the head of the army in the Eastern Province while he was there.. and he knows the guy!

Serge showed him the master plan and he was very impressed with them. Serge also showed him the house that we are just finishing for Veronic and he was also impressed with that. He then asked if we were going to build a house for the other lady just down the road as well.
Serge told the army dude and Andre, the sector chief, that if they do the bricks, we'll supply the iron sheets and cement. We'll see what comes of it. Hope something does as the lady needs a house!

Couldn't help but think of the contrast...
My mom in Canada just moved this past weekend into a new home which she had built. From the pictures I have seen and from what people have said, it's beautiful. She spent months picking colours and new furniture. I gave her a hard time that she got a dishwasher. All of us kids wanted one when we were growing up, but the famous line always was...'I already have three.'
What a contrast... same world, same need for shelter, ... but so not the same.

Veronic's house today

Front porch - place to find shelter in the rain

Cemented floors! No more dirt!

Her kitchen... still the mud plaster and then the cement plaster to go

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Mike Goerz said...

house looks awesome! when can she move in??