Friday, 20 August 2010

And They're Out...

Nshuti, Mosquito and Uwimana were released yesterday afternoon.

Saw them at the day camp for street kids today. 

Didn`t know what to do with them! ARG!!
I know Serge had a GOOD chat with them. All they could tell me was `Sorry Mommy. Please forgive me.`

Of course we can forgive, but are they repentant?

We will see what the next days and weeks bring. Third semester of school has just started so it remains to be seen how they will finish out the school year.

In the meantime... may God help us make the right decisions with them.


jan said...

hi :)

my name is jan ranger and we live in indiana. i would like to talk with you about service opportunities in rwanda. we were there in march for a short mission trip and we want to come back for a month in january-february, Lord willing.

could you email me so i can talk with you more? love in Christ, jan :)

jan said...

oops. email would help :)

cochrane said...