Monday, 9 July 2012

Start of the Library!

JCM, the youth ministry team in the Kiziba Refugee Camp, has wanted a library for about 2 years. Education is such a problem and they believe that a library will enable students to study better, more teenagers to be occupied and potentially enable more of them to further their education.

After a generous donation towards the building cost and ensuring that a library was indeed the next thing to do in the camp... it's time. We've got a team in that will spend the better part of this week putting up the walls and hopefully the roof.  What fun! We look forward as to how God will multiply this effort and use it to not only break some cycles of poverty but to further His Kingdom

Not sure there is a library in the world with a
better view!


Rhoda said...

Great to see the progress! I clearly remember standing on that very spot just a few months ago when it was still just a dream.

cochrane said...

Stunning view for that library. Maybe a coffee porch on the side!

Progress is good.