Friday, 20 April 2012

Daddy, why do you care about us so much?

That was the question that David, one of our former street kids, asked Serge today. 

Serge was meeting with all of our kids that are in high school. It was their last day of break before they head back to school on Monday. They have spent two of the three weeks in a holiday program, reviewing what they have learned this past term.

Some of them did very well their first term, others not so good.
Some do well but need an attitude adjustment.
Serge was giving them a little pep talk ... once again, challenging them and encouraging them to do their best.

In the midst of all the talking, one of David asked... 'Daddy, why do you continue to care about us so much? Why do you keep wanting us to do better?'

Good question.

All of the kids have come from various backgrounds but ALL come from situations where they have no one else to believe in them - no family and no friends.

They have all been in our lives for 4 years or more.
We consistantly try to be the people in their lives that DO believe in them. Believe for them and then that grows to with them  - that they have been created with purpose and have a place in this world. Their level of belief in themselves ebbs and flows... for some more than others.

Serge responded by asking, 'Why do you call us mom and dad?'

'Because you do for us what our parents never could do or have never done.'

'Then you are our kids and we have expectations and we expect you to do your absolute best in school. We have been blessed to give you this chance to go to school and learn. To become someone in life. But more than education, we want you to be men of character... '

We love each one of them dearly... and continue to hope beyond hope that they will have the courage to make the best choices in their life. We also pray that they will pursue God with their whole heart. Seems every day we hold our breath and pray for the best.

The future is still ahead... we take great comfort in those who have already finished high school and those who have found jobs and are living a productive life. There is hope ... we just need to keep remembering that in the trenches some days ...

God, may they do above and beyond what they think is possible this second term!