Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Other Three

Off to the dowry giving.
Isabella got to wear her first mishana ever... FINALLY! She's been waiting for this day for a LONG time.
Uncle Leonard and Aunt Clara got to join in the festivities.
(I stayed home to finish decorating cakes!)
Beni with Uncle Adolph

The Kamari boys with their mom

First mother and daughter dresses!

Cake table
Just a few of the 400 cupcakes I decorated. Not sure how soon I'll do that again!

Bridal cake

Our family with Uncle Jean Luc and new Auntie Renata
The day was a long one but went incredibly well.
Thinking the family all dropped into bed much relieved and blessed for a grand day.

Only 6 more brothers and sister to go... and I'm thinking a couple hundred cousins... then we'll be done!
Takes a community to make a wedding happen here and they work hard at it.
Until next time...

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