Thursday, 27 January 2011

How many people does it take...

... to write wedding invitations?

Two to write the invitation and 10 to discuss, argue and decide who is actually getting one of the 300 invitations.

That was my Sunday afternoon at Serge's mom's house. Quite entertaining sometimes to say the least.

A couple of interesting things about wedding invitations here...

1. If you're close family or friends, you don't get one as it's assumed that you know and that you are coming. Kind of like that.

2. When you do get an invitation, it's expected that you will contribute money to make the wedding happen. Weddings here are a community affair with everyone pitching in to make it happen. Like that too, only when we get invitations for people we don't even know that it becomes a bit annoying.

It's always a 'count' to see how many we get in a year.
We'll see how many 2011 brings!

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Ken said...

In Bolivia you get asked to be the "Padrino" or "Godfather" of something or other. It's a big honour. Then you get to pay for whatever you're the Godfather of. =) I've been the Godfather of the ring (graduation), chairs (wedding), cap and gown (graduation again). It's entertaining...the first couple of times.

I did get to be Godfather of Remembrance (?) this past year and I just got to go and be proud of my young friend at his grad and I didn't have to buy anything. I did get him a cell phone though...